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Why Choose Go Carpet Cleaning?


Trustworthy Local Carpet Cleaner

Go Carpet Cleaning is a local Carpet Cleaner company based in Chamblee, GA.
We provide the following:

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Services.
Upholstery Cleaning.
Area Rug/Oriental Cleaning.
and More!

We are experienced in the cleaning industry and we are highly motivated to stand behind our word and service.
Our main goal, is to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Friendly and Experienced

Our technician will explain the cleaning process.
He will make sure you understand and are comfortable with the complete proccess before starting work.
We deal with all types of fiber, from natural fibers like cotton and wool to synthetics such as polyester and nylon.

Affordable Prices and Reliable

Our technician will arrive on time as scheduled. We believe in being fair, we want to provide the best carpet cleaning service with an affordable price.

Quality Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Our environmentally safe products are the best available in removing stains without any residue.
We will also try to make sure that every stain you have on your carpet or upholstery will be removed.


We are motivated and determined to provide you the best service you've had. If you were looking for a carpet cleaning near you, you got into the right place!
You can check our location page to see if we provide service in your area, if your city is not listed - give us a call, we are human too and personally promise to do everything we can to make you happy.



The thing we care about the most is our customer's satisfaction. We will do anything we can to make you happy with the job!
We are experienced with all kinds of Carpets,Rugs and Upholstery.
We are a professinal carpet cleaning services, and we stand behind our words. Using the finest,non-toxic and environment friendly chemicals on the market. We excel in treatment of most stains.
We have a lot of experience dealing with customers. We believe with the best approach everything is possible! Please ask us any question you have in mind!

Go Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

Benny S.

Rate 5/5
Go Carpet Cleaning were very professional, the technician insisted on explaining me the whole process before he started to work. Not every day you come across a local business with a good service. Thank you!
Kenneth S.

Rate 5/5
Excellent service and price, showed on time, very professional.
Frank S.

Rate 5/5
Very honest and fair,affordable prices, Highly recommended!
More reviews can be found in our Reviews Page


How long will it take to dry?
Drying time varies due to weather and humidity, the average time is 8 hours to completely dry.
Further than that, The dirtier the carpet the more water we need to use, that might have an impact on the drying time.

Can I step on the carpet while its wet?
The answer to that question is yes, but it's not recommended. We understand that you live in your house and need to walk from one area to another, try to minimize walking on the carpet until it's completely dry to prevent stains.

Do you move furniture?
Partially, We do move small furniture like dining chairs and small tables.

Are your chemicals environmentally friendly?
Yes. We are using only environment friendly chemicals.

Are your chemicals human and pet friendly?
Yes, All chemicals are non-toxic for humans and pets.

Can you remove all stains?
No,Stains like red wine, or color based stains are almost impossible to remove, Although, we will make every effort to remove any stain.

How do I know if you provide carpet cleaning near me?
You can check our Locations page to find out, if your city is not listed, just give us a call or a message!